Ansan Massage That Was More Than 건마 Expected
I had a hard time carrying a heavy load when I moved in.It hurt like a needle poking me everywhere.​To relieve any pain, in hot water,I tried to soak my body and use a massage machine at home.It didn't get better at all, so I went to the famous Ansan Massage Shop in the neighborhood.​The […]

I had a hard time carrying a heavy load when I moved in.

It hurt like a needle poking me everywhere.

To relieve any pain, in hot water,

I tried to soak my body and use a massage machine at home.

It didn't get better at all, so I went to the famous Ansan Massage Shop in the neighborhood.

The coolness of the massage as well as the comfort of the facilities.

I'm so satisfied with it that I'm going to tell you,

I'll show you something special.

Goldson, who I visited, went to Gojan Station and the car.

It was located 5 minutes away, so accessibility was very convenient.

Besides, there's a parking lot in the basement.

I could park comfortably!

For your information, the Ansan massage shop I visited

It's open 24 hours a day.

There was a merit that I could drop by anytime.

When I got off the elevator and went inside,

The neat and pleasant interior stood out.

On one side of the wall, there's a lot of celebrities and sports stars.

I was able to see the traces of his trip.

I can see a lot of people by their names.

I'm looking forward to what kind of coolness it will give.

on a scale of more than 600 pyeong

I've been working for a while.

It was a lot more than I thought.

A wide range of amenities

There's a whole bunch of them, dates, families.

I thought it would be nice to come and rest.

Ansan Massage Shop also has a good sleeping room.

It's also good for resting after treatment.

Most of all, cleanliness and hygiene are strictly enforced.

It's happening now, even at this time.

I was able to visit with ease.

Hand sanitizers, of course, everything.

It's being kept clean like a new one.

Goldton's like a reminder of the Chinese imperial family.

There was also a private room.

For those of you who have visited by couples or families,

There's two beds. Come on. Come on.

I wanted to lay down my tired body.

Ansan Massage Shop has a foot bath.

It was set up in plenty.

a pleasant aroma-scented solution

It was perfect for relieving fatigue in your feet.

Especially for those of you who have a long standing job.

I thought there was no better management than this.

Not only that, it's also easy to dry without water.

There was also a device for half-baths.

It's perfect for removing sweat and waste.

I made up my mind to come and get it on a day when I have a lot of time.

It's going to destroy the size of a tray-like face.

There was also a skin 건마 care center.

It's a space where everything can be solved non-

I didn't have to go anywhere else.

I moved to the Ansan Massage Shop room with the guidance of the staff.

He's a clean-cut, clean-cut, self-

I couldn't help but smile happy.

There's a soft towel on the spacious bed.

I was able to keep my body warm.

Finally, to relieve the fatigue of a thousand years old,

A delicate massage has begun.

First, stiff shoulders and back.

You've been stretching to relax.

It's a momentary circulation, and the body'

When I got warmed up, I felt much lighter.

Soon after, the stiff muscles of the calves,

I'm starting to massage my thigh muscles.

Get on the bed and load the center of gravity.

You put pressure on me, and I felt so refreshed.

There was a lot of exclamations

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