There’s a swedish massage
I had a massage with my friend the year before last.I've received it before.I've been struggling lately.Do I need another massage?It made me think.​But I got it from my friend the year before last.The massage is what I want.It's not my style.I didn't have much satisfaction.​So I'm going to settle down.out of one's mindI've used […]

I had a massage with my friend the year before last.

I've received it before.

I've been struggling lately.

Do I need another massage?

It made me think.

But I got it from my friend the year before last.

The massage is what I want.

It's not my style.

I didn't have much satisfaction.

So I'm going to settle down.

out of one's mind

I've used it from place to place.

Maybe it's because I'm picky.

I like the place.

I don't think so.

in the course of one's work

I'm getting tired.

When it's bad, you're free.

There are times when I can't move.

So this time, I'm going to do it myself.

I've come to find out.

Especially, Gwangmyeong Travel Massage.

I got to know a known shop.

That's where the S.O.S. Aroma comes from.

This is the place.

This place is only for women.

Because it's in business.

Just by looking at this, it's the kind of thing that I want.

It felt like that.

Of course, all I need is a good one.

I pay attention to things like this, too.

Because we didn't have this before.

I'm just gonna go in the middle of nowhere.

I received it before I did.

When you come out in a gown,

Most of the guests are men.

It's kind of embarrassing.

I think I'm avoiding being myself.

So at the time, it was pretty uncomfortable.

on one's mind

Now I want to be comfortable.

I've looked at the women's specialist Gwangmyeong Travel Massage.

It was also a reason.

That's how much it's for women.

Intensive management.

I thought it meant something.

I made a reservation without thinking about it.

according to the date of the appointment

I'm going straight to Gwangmyeong Travel Mage Shop.

I'm on the move.

When I arrived at the shop,

A male employee at the desk.

There was one.

I need you to give me a detailed guide.

He explained about the course.

He's so kind to me.

Even if you're new, it's easy.

You can understand:)

What I learned from the explanation...

This is a place where male caretakers

under one's wing

I found 강남스웨디시 out the truth.

Of course I didn't know.

But in the past, women are always women.

Only to the management personnel.

I've had a history.

I thought it was the same here.

But as for the business trip,

as much as it is known

The ability of the male caretakers

I can't wait to see how good it is.

It worked.

If you don't know,

You can be embarrassed. Like this.

Tell me in advance:)

Once you've been informed of everything you'sir,

You will enter the room.

And in the room, there's a room for me.

There's a manager.

We're going to lie on the bed following the instructions.

The moment I lie down, they cover me with a big towel.

It was cozy and I felt good:)

I'm on the course.

I chose Aroma.

I get a massage, and I get it often.

It's a course.

I don't like to be sick.

It's a good technique for me.

I could have done it.

It's better to take care of Aroma gently.

It's a special feature.

I was wondering what you'd do.

Maybe it's because he's a veteran manager.

There's something really good.

Gwangmyeong Travel Mage Shop

Those of you who belong to this company,

That's how experienced and

Only good people.

in composition

with more delicate skills

I think so.

I knew Aroma was soft,

That's how much fatigue you can get away with.

It's a technique. It's a technique.

It was a day, too.

I don't know if it's hard to touch while I don't know.

for it's not like that

I didn't feel bad at all.

If you're comfortable with it, you'll have to wait.

I could feel that it was just passing by.

It's my first time, too.

Wouldn't it be inconvenient if it's male?

I was worried, too.

This was a real worry.

It was supposed to be in another shop.

No other courses than aroma.

I've used it before.

It hurt so bad. crying

That's why he's so good at moving his arms.

It's so hard that I can't.

Strong grip doesn't fit me.

It made me think.

On the other hand, my friend is rather...

I don't like Aroma.

I prefer sports.

It's better to get strong care:)

Everyone wants different tastes.

You know, choosing a massage that you prefer?

I think it's the best

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