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A pleasant day has begun. Diligently today.I'll work on it and send it to you. About the backlog.I think I need to work harder because the time is getting longer.So I'd like to introduce that to you right now.Prada wallets are in stock. The surface condition of the product is...He asked us to dye our […]

A pleasant day has begun. Diligently today.

I'll work on it and send it to you. About the backlog.

I think I need to work harder because the time is getting longer.

So I'd like to introduce that to you right now.

Prada wallets are in stock. The surface condition of the product is...

He asked us to dye our hair because the restoration was not good.

If you look at the picture above, your wallet doesn't look completely black.

You can wipe it with something and see it white.

Leather must not be cleaned with acetone or alcohol.

I think it's a loss. Never use acetone alcohol in leather.

Watch out for wet wipes, and if there's anything wrong with the leather,

It is fast and safe to ask an expert.

We will repair and dye luxury leather products such as luxury bags, wallets, and shoes.

It's a professional business. Satisfaction based on diverse work experiences

We are doing our best for high-quality products.

I will always hold hands and work on it meticulously.

I trust you, and I will do my best as far away as you can.

I'll do everything 레플리카 for you.

You can also see white marks on the back of your wallet.

You must have wiped it all to clean the surface.

I will never take alcohol or acetone after this restoration.

I hope you don't use it! That's how you learn.

It won't happen again.

I see red pollution in the lower right corner.

I'm going to do regular cleaning and dyeing.

The red mark disappears. It's a satisfying product.

I think you can get it back.

So you can't use it because the surface is white.

I'll dye my luxury wallet again. How neat are you?

Let's see if he was born in his wallet!

Let's get going.

Restoration of white face dyeing in Prada Luxury Wallet

I came back to the black wallet because the parts were missing.

And because it went through the polishing process again, the gloss came back.

After dyeing, add gloss to give a more traditional look.

I'm trying to make it possible as much as possible. Dyeing alone is a traditional...

It's hard to express your feelings, so you have to polish them.

I'm dyeing my hair by myself, but it's very glossy.

You have to doubt if the dyeing is going well.

In the case of leather dyeing, there is a way to do it yourself if you search online.

There are many things outside. But I don't recommend self-dyeing.

It's not like we're a company, but... Because the quality is not very good.

Each product has its own process and different tools to use.

We need working time, drying time, light coating, etc.

I have a lot of work to do, but it's not enough to solve it alone at home.

That's why it's best to ask a luxury store.

I want you to check whether you have done a lot of work and the quality of the product.

You need to check it out.Self-dyeing for low-cost leather products.

Practice as if you were drawing. Then I'll give you an expert on expensive products.

Let's leave it to him if he can fix it or not by ruining it.

There are more people asking than I thought. It takes a lot of time.

Don't let that happen.

The back of Prada's wallet was restored cleanly.

Overall, it is cleaned and dyed with a glossy coating.

If it is consistent and maintained evenly, it can be done evenly.

I'm always working hard for products with high satisfaction.

I can't satisfy all of you.

I will always do my best to do the job

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